Prove yourself but never get anger

A cute and inspiring incident in boy life. In school days a boy along with his classmates enjoyed the computer class. One of his classmate has done a beautiful design and said to him I have done this. “Can you able to do?  You don’t know anything ” criticized by one of his classmate before all. 
At that time he didn’t know to do. He didn’t fight for it. Instead he thought for a moment. He has an intention that he has to learn and do somehow. He had a confidence that” he can. “He didn’t even go to play in the PET period. Everyone went to ground for play. He needs to do . He knows nothing is impossible. He alone started searching to learn. He turn ON the system and started searching how to make a design. He struggled much to make a design. 
Only thought is to finish the design. So he didn’t get tired of doing it.After a long hour of practice he finished his design. He was very much happy and his confidence level got boosted. He realised that “Nothing in the world is impossible or great and difficult to do. If we keep on practicing and work smartly everything can be turned into success.  “
One thing is that he finished doing design but doesn’t know how to save the project. He was thinking how to do. At that time his madam passed that away. He asked her she said “you turn off the system it will get automatically saved”.As it get late she is not ready to answer him with patience. He did as she said and went home. 
Next day morning he came to class and tries to open the file. But nothing was found. He was very much shocked. He asked himself ” where is my design I have done it with that much involvement. But now it was not found”
Then he made him cool and tried again and now he decided to refer books. He went to library and referred books and found out how to save the project. Finally he saved the project and showed to all of his classmates. 
Everyone got astonished by his work and appreciated much than that boy.The boy is the cause for him to learn and created the vigour of learning new things. From that minute he decided that he needs to learn new things and there should not be there anything unknown. In each person life there will be someone who is the root cause to do something. This situation was really a notable moment in his life. When someone criticise you never do it again. Just take a moment to think of it. 
Take any good thing from it. Take that for your progress and leave unnecessary critics unattended. 
Believe you can turn everything into possible. Don’t think impossible instead think I am there to make it possible. 

Search in you 

It was a  cool and great place filled with trees and green grass. Birds were chirping all around and there was a boat house near by. 

A boy who stood on the tower was watching the boathouse and enjoying the joy of natureMany were enjoying boat ride. Two friends in a boat were riding. He could see them  pedalling the boat and moving .They enjoyed pedalling but were moving slowly. Another pair was doing the same. 

After watching all these events he moved near the boat house. He get a new boat and ride in it. He accelerated the boat and moved fastly before others. Everyone look at him. They thought that he took someother boat. But it was not like that. He was also having the same boat. 

He moved near him and said them to use accelerator instead of struggling hard to pedal. They didn’t notice that until he says that. 

They started searching for it .after that they noticed and felt that ” having a good tool in hand we missed using it.  What a careless activity was done? ”

Everyone has a unique talent and has a better strength within us. So believe in you and search in you. 

Your progress gets great and high when you search in you and work with determination. 

Do you know what to learn? 

​Learn to smile. It makes you feel strengthen. 

Learn to be kind. It makes you and your fellow- mates happy. 

Learn to work hard. It prosper your life. 

Learn to care others. It makes to love yourself. 

Learn to help. It makes you rich. 

Learn to be polite. It brings you more respect.

Thrill your life but don’t pledge life for it 

​A play boy aged 15  always used to have many challenges with his friends.  If anyone ask ” I can do this. Can you? “. He readily come forward to do that whether he knows or not. 

He used to go to school either in car or in cycle. His friends used to come in bus.. Conversation went among friends. They told that they are enjoying much in travelling by bus. 

His friend said ” I will board and get down from running bus. Everyone will look at me. By doing  this we seems different from others. Can you do this?. ” 

When anyone says to him like this he never remains calm. He needs to do immediately and prove himself. 

He challenged his friend that he will prove himself. 

As he never goes in bus he doesn’t know how to get down or get into the running bus.

His friends told after the bus moves from the stop he should run and board into it and should get down in moving bus. 

The next day morning the boy got ready and waiting for the bus eagerly. 

He was standing for more than 10 minutes with his friends. But bus didn’t  turn up. 

Then the bus arrives. His friends get into it. He is waiting for the bus to move.  After the bus moves he ran and somehow entered. He felt that he got succeed in first stage. This became their entertainment. They didn’t understand how dangerous it is for their life?  

He gave his bag to the person sitting and travelled in footboard. 

Now he has to get down. While doing this he fell down from running bus and got injured in his hand and leg. 

Blood came from his leg and got scratches in his hand. 

The people from the bus get down and enquire him but the boy said his friend pushed him down. 

Everyone scolded his friend. 

He was given medication by a college girl. She told that not to do this again and play in life. 

“Never lose your life in proving yourself. 

When your life is lost it becomes no meaning at all.”

He don’t want to give up even after getting injured. He asked his friend “why I fell down ? What was the procedure?  You have made it easily. Tell me I need to know. ”

His friend explained him. He practiced for days and again call his friends and said “Now I will do it correctly ”  and he proved himself. It may give him pleasure but it’s not a good action. 

Winning is more important but don’t fail in staying in safe zone. 

Thrill may give a minute happiness but fills with long time sadness. 

Don’t pledge your life for playful cause.

Never judge by its appearance 

​A boy along with his friends went to resort in hill station. The climate was very cool. Autumn leaves started emerging. Colourful flowers fills up the trees in the hill. The place gave such a pleasant peace of mind.  Sorrows get vanishes when we stand there. The touch of cool breeze and the smell of beautiful flowers and colourful flowers to treat eyes remains more beautiful. 

They stayed in lake view resort. 

They enjoyed the nature very much. They planned to have campfire. 

They went out and took the woods for fire to ignite and light up the campfire. They had a nice conversation and fun. 

The boy ordered for rabbit fry. But he informed his friends that he had ordered bullet chicken.He also said it is a special dish and it will taste good. Everyone started eating. They didn’t know what it was really? 

After the campfire over everyone returned to his room. 

The boy called to everyone and spoke as a hotel incharge and enquire what you feel about the taste of rabbit fry?  Tell us the feedback.  They replied that we didn’t ate rabbit “I think you was wrong. ” 

He replied know you ate rabbit  and told now they will provide hot milk. 

Friends came running to the boy and asked”what have you ordered? Is this was you play? “.

The boy respond with cool , “yeah I did it. When I say we shall try you people didn’t  accept but without knowing what it was you ate and commented it as so good. Right. Then why you are getting shock and why you feel for it? “.

No one have the answer for it. 

Don’t judge anything by its appearance. It doesn’t  matter either thing or person. 

Analyse and Understand it and then judge.

How light seems to provide positive energy? 

​         An expedition to snow world. 

      A boy along with his 10 friends decided to enjoy their vaccation happily. They started discussing how to spend the days. They all shared their ideas enthusiastically. Fun and happiness surrounds them.finally they decided to go to snow world.Everyone were interested to go.

          Finally the day came. They went to snow world and eagerly waiting to enter into it. 

        The room was covered with white frozen snow like silver. Many snow balls were placed inside it. The room seems to be the silver himalayan mountain covered with snow. It gives such a great natural look. 

         Feeling like standing in himalayas.Imagine how it will be? Feel that pleasure. 

        It was provided with beautiful lighting. Really the place will make everyone mesmerising .Then the boy entered the room with his team mates.      Doors were closed. They started enjoying by throwing balls over others forgetting everything even the frozen temperature. Their play continued. They had various games.

        Suddenly there was a power cut. Lights off.Room becomes dark. There was not even a trace of light spot. 

      The boy felt that even this was also a kind of game and they continued. 5to 10 minutes got over still the room was dark. No such small hole for the light to penetrate. Nothing could be visible.

   They don’t know how to come out.Normally many have the phobia of darkness.Everyone felt feared they started shouting. They felt the severe cold and some had difficulty in breathing. 

    A little girl who enjoys nicely started shouting to go out. Then all started shouting to open the door. But they couldn’t open the door.  They can release the lock only when there is power.

    They have go be there until power comes. 

They tried to calm themselves.  After 15to 20 minutes door got open everyone felt relaxed.

They got calm down.

    The place is same when there is light it made us to enjoy whereas in the absence of light it looks like a hell.

    Light has the power to give the happiness and peace.without light (positive energy) nothing can be get succeeded. 

   Dark has the greater strength to take away the whole happiness from mind within a fraction of second and covered with evil thought.

Always dare to hope for the light even in darkness. 

Darkness kills the soul each day and make all efforts go waste.

Do you know the pain of ignorance? 

​Festival brings a memorable events to each one’s life. Likewise this girl also had an event which she can’t forget in her lifetime. 

The Girl was very much eagerly waiting to celebrate Diwali. Before the day of celebration she planned many things to enjoy to the core. The excitement didn’t allow her to sleep. 

Next day was the festival of lights.  With the blessings of God and her parents she started the day. 

She enjoyed the day with her brother and had an meet with friends. They shared sweets and had an events like dance and song. 

She burst crackers along with her friends. 

Everything went smooth till evening. She felt she had successfully celebrated. 

But unfortunately a sad thing happens?  Everything turns upside down. 

She could see the colourful sky at the night. She thought her life should be as much colourful as that. 

She started bursting cracker. She likes flower pot very much. Like a flower pot let all good things should shower in everyone’s  life. 

Unfortunately when lighting the flower pot it got burst in her hand. 

Her skin got burnt in the fire. Her hand looks so terrible. Her skin got wind up to one side and everything got mashes up. 

She shouted with a great cry. Everyone came out. She couldn’t tolerate the pain. She cried a lot and got fainted because of untolerable pain.

  She was taken to hospital and given a medicine. They returned home. Her aunt and her friends came to see her. 

The girl ran to her aunt hugged her and said “save me  I can’t  bear this. I feel like placing my hand in the burning fire. Make it cool. To bear this pain it is better to die”.She was murmuring that my hand is burning.  One of her friend started crying but  in order to convince the girl she controlled herself and took the girl’s hand and said now you will  feel the coolness. What she did?  She spoke with the care and blow air with her mouth and said I am doing it with love. Our love and affection cures your wound she said.

Really that moment was a terrible moment for the girl. The girl replied ,your words make me get relieved and gave confidence that everything comes normal.

A real fact is that kind words, love and care has the power to erase out any kind of pain and make a person happy.

Somehow she was made convinced and she slept with the pain. Since she got heavy injury in her right hand she can’t even able to eat by herself. She depend on her mother or somebody to help her. 

That moment made her to realise the pleasure of independent. 

When you depend on someone you need to accept what they provide and need to tolerate their activities. This really gives worst experience.Some  might come across this those can understand more.

Her friends helped a lot in writing notes and taught her the lessons since she couldn’t attend the class. 

You can also see the people who have caring heart and who doesn’t  know to behave as human. 

After a few days the injury started getting healed. But it remains as a white mark on the hand. Her hand looks different like a people with skin disease. 

  The people who knows her much reacted differently and treated very badly. Their look at the girl kills her. When the girl comes near to them they moved away and refused to talk and get anything from her. These activities hurt her a lot. 

If a stranger does this it won’t hurt a lot. But if it is done by your own relative how it will be?. 

Words and actions have more power. It is more powerful than a sword. It kills the person to the core. 

In front of her they started saying that “we shouldn’t touch her.See her hands and we should avoid slowly”.

The girl feels so bad and told her mom. Her mom asked them that “Don’t  you know what happens to her and Is this the way to behave? ” and said to the girl that “Never feel for the words of inhumane people “.

That situation makes her to understand more about people. 

She stays quietly and thought how the society reacts to the disabled or sick people. 

She thinks “Within a week I have suffered this much and I can’t tolerate but there are people with the skin disease. How they are running their life and competing with society? “.

Nothing makes us less or inferior than others unless we feel. 

She thought that ” I should help poor people and shouldn’t see their appearance to mingle with them and care them. If they are good in heart, whether they are rich or poor, sick or healthy it doesn’t matter. Be friendly with them and care them.

Never separate anyone for their sickness because your actions will make their disease a big one and kills them early.

Pain in heart don’t have medicine to cure. Only good words and care can heal. 

Everything becomes nothing and nothing becomes everything. 

​    A little boy aged 11, who was interested and dare to accept the challenges once had a challenge with his teacher.His teacher challenged him to score centum(100).He accepted bravely.He worked for it and achieved it. He happily met his teacher. 

          The teacher was ready to offered him a gift that he needs .The little boy asked for a fish tank. He was interested to have fishes.

         His madam bought him a large fish tank. He was very happy and took it to home.

        After reaching home he eagerly made arrangements. He needs to provide a luxurious life to the fish. so he collected colourful stones . 

       He himself made an artwork and placed in it. He decorated it with such a care . He made arrangements for the fish to rest. 

      The fish tank looks gorgeous. It resembles as a paradise.He was very much happy and satisfied. 

       Now he decided to buy fishes. He went along with his friend to aquarium. He saw variety of fishes. 

       He was very much excited on seeing it. He enquired the details of all fishes and bought a pair of golden fish. He happily returned home.

      He thought of having one fish along with him in his bedroom. so he kept one fish at the wonderful fish tank which was covered fully and the other at the bottle . 

     The fish at the decorated tank teases the other fish ” I am living in a rich place but see your condition so sad”.

    The other fish replied” I can feel my place safe. This is enough.”

    He enjoyed watching it.The next day he eagerly came to see the fish unfortunately the fish was floating dead. He couldn’t accept . He ran to the shop and argued the shopkeeper that he didn’t give a proper healthy fish.

           At that time he could see the bubbles generated in the tank. He asked about it. The shopkeeper explained him that it will supply oxygen to the fish to survive.He fight with him and got two new fish

        He returned home and realize the death of fish.

        The fish which was kept at the open bottle was alive.
      But that placed in a beautiful tank dead because it didn’t get its basic need oxygen needed for survival. He felt very bad if I would have analysed its need and make arrangements it would have survive its life happily. Then he leaves the newly bought fish and the fish at the bottle in the fish tank with oxygen needed for its survival. The fish in the bottle worried for its friend

        Eventhough luxurious life is provided and feeded with golden spoon it is of no use when the heart doesn’t need .

         It makes the soul to slowly die.Life needs only  certain elements which the heart needs.

        Without understanding that even if you help it will make to lose a life unnecessary.

         Crying or worrying for the act is of no use. It is like a great sin or crime commited by them.

      Better help them after understanding the real need.